SIA Architectural Design Awards 2022 Responses to Queries

S/N Topic Query Response
1. Submission Format

a) What is the expected format for the submission? (ie. A2/A3 panels, what is the maximum panels we can submit?)

b) Is the final submission a link format or a zip file format?

The submission portal will be open on the 15 April 2022. Submission is fully online and the portal is very intuitive.

The submission materials required are under “Participation”, Clause 3.4, 3.4.2, 3.4.3, 3.4.4

2. Application

We are keen to participate in this year’s SIA award under Category A1. We were engaged by the Home Owner as a design consultant and coordinator for this residential project (corner terrace). Project QP on the other hand was parked under the Main Contractor. With much regret, I am still an Associate member of SIA and have yet to register myself with BOA. Having said, I know the Project QP well and she is a Corporate member of SIA (BOA registered).

May I understand better how to go about this where I am able to include myself in this award application, if it is by any means possible?

The Qualified Person registered with the SIA can submit the project for the competition. Your company can be listed as the design consultant, along with the other consultants involved.

If the project wins an award, the recognition goes to the QP and project team.

3. Submission Material

For the online submission portal, will we be able to save our submissions as draft, then complete it later, or do we have to gather all our materials and upload and complete the submission all at once?

Yes, You will be able to save your submissions as draft. There would be a “save as draft” function which will automatically generate a unique code/link after clicking on it. You will be able to use the unique code/link to continue your work.